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Bona Mega at El hotel LLao LLao 

Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf-Spa is one of the most famous hotels in Patagonia, Argentina, located 2 hours flight from Buenos Aires. With its handcrafted boards of solid wood Cypress and Pine-Hemlock used for the floorings the hotel is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. Members of the aristocracy, officials, diplomats and famous guests have stayed at the hotel that has chosen Bona Mega when renovating the floors.

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11th National China Basketball Gymnasium

Shandong Province, P.R. China
The new sports wooden floor is laid , sanded and coated by Hualiweiye and they have used the
complete Bona System including Bona sanding machines

Type of floor: Unfinished Maple Primer: Bona Prime
Surface area: 2,600 sq.m.
Coating: Bona Mega
Application: Bona Applicator Pad
Flooring Contractor: Hualiweive

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