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Belgium (NL)

Bona Launches Excimer Technology for Industrial Coating Products

Friday, May 08, 2020

Bona, a global, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining, and restoring premium floors, is launching Excimer technology as part of its Industrial Coating offerings. The new curing technology delivers a wood parquet product with improved scratch and chemical resistance and a smoother, more matte surface.

“At Bona, our research and development department is constantly monitoring innovations that can improve our products and offerings to customers,” said Robert Grahn, vice president, industrial coatings, Bona. “This new curing process with Excimer technology gives parquet manufactures a rapid, flexible and cost-effective route to better performing and better-looking products.”

With Bona’s technology, the Excimer lamp, which radiates at 172nm, is placed at the end of the coating line. Operating in an inert atmosphere, and completely enclosed to exclude oxygen, the chemical bonding process is optimized. The Excimer lamp in combination with Bona’s innovative Excimer topcoats offers significantly improved appearance, gloss, resistance, and extra strength.

Key to this new offering from Bona is the ability to provide a wide range of variations of gloss (between <5 and 50). This is achieved by using Bona’s unique topcoat in combination with various settings on the Excimer lamp which removes the extra steps of changing topcoats or using multiple coatings.

Grahn continued, “This increased flexibility in how we cure the topcoat translates into significant time and cost savings due to faster production and fewer coating changes.

The new Bona Industrial Coatings product with Excimer technology is now available in Europe. Contact Magnus Dellrup, product manager at Bona for more information.

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