Some things are better together

The Bona Primer & Lacquer System

At Bona, we develop superior products, then we make them work better together. That’s why Bona doesn’t sell products – we sell systems. During the past few years we have launched successful systems like The Bona Oil System, The Bona Decking System and The Bona Floor Treatment Program.


Now we have reorganized our primer- and lacquer system to clarify the various applications and productgroups. With new improved labels and a clearer specification of when and where each lacquer is suitable, we hope to make life a little easier for you.



System performance – combining beauty, durability and economy


Bona Primers - More than good looking

Bona primers come in a range of five colourations from White to Amber that makes wood look even more personal and beautiful. Bona primers reduce the potential for side-bonding and make Bona lacquers stick even better to the floor, adding superior durability and protection. It’s a smart and easy to use system – and an economical one. A layer of primer costs far less than an extra layer of lacquer.


Versatility – because all woods are different

Our five primers have different colourations, all with different personalities. Elastic. Quick-drying. Good for planks. Good for underfloor heating. Good for oak. Good for darker woods. Or both. Or for tropical woods. And more. And they are all really easy to use. Once you’ve tried primers, you’ll never go back to the old way.


Bona Lacquers - Toughest in every class

Bona lacquer is the best wood floor protection for any level of wear: domestic, medium or heavy. It protects any floor, from bedroom to busy international airport.

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