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United States
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Transforming a 1920’s bungalow into a modern renovation is no small task. It takes a big vision, hours of labor and a keen eye to bring it all to life. In the summer of 2016, Bona was asked to help renovate a Craftsman-style home just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The design team brought more light into the space, added stunning landscape and upgraded the entire home. It only made sense that Bona connected the architect and designer with a Bona Certified Craftsman (BCC), Kapalua Floors in Troy Michigan, to step in and install a beautiful hardwood floor.

While the home’s exterior craftsmen style blended seamlessly with the neighborhood, the architect created a unique, modern open floor design for the home’s interior. Because it was important that the floor met the overall design aesthetic of the home, the team decided on a prefinished hardwood floor from the Grandeur by Greyne collection. The hardwood floor features German white oak 5” planks with cerusing underneath a warm brown earth-tone protected by Bona High Durability Finish®. The treatment offered a modern look while keeping with the warm tones of the home.

"Long gone are the days of just a single stain color for hardwood floors," said Cate Vanegas, Director of Marketing, Bona US. "At Bona we offer a variety of options from our DriFast Stain collection to our new Craft Oil 2K natural penetrating oils. The options are endless for creating beautiful hardwood floors."

Once the floor was selected, the BCC team went to work laying the wide plank, solid, nail down floor. Wide plank floors, are becoming more in demand by homeowners yet installers must take the extra steps to eliminate cupping of the hardwood. Bona R851 Wood Floor Adhesive is the right solution. When installing wide plank flooring, the use of an adhesive specifically developed for hardwood floors in addition to nailing will prevent any long-term issues. All wood floors are under a constant state of shrink and swell due to factors like seasonal changes and humidity so an adhesive without elongation properties (to account for the shrink and swell) can allow the flooring to dislodge due to shear stress.

Solid wood flooring adhesive manufactures, whether urethane or silane, will generally publish both the shear strength of the product (expressed as psi) as well as the elongation rate (expressed as a %) to assist in determining which product will provide the right balance of strength and flexibility. An adhesive manufactured specifically for wood flooring installations can adapt to the environmental changes and maintain the necessary degree of adhesion.

"When it comes to installing hardwood floors, the right adhesive is crucial to a job well done," said Mike Thomas, national sales manager - adhesives, Bona US. "All-purpose construction adhesive is commonly used for this important installation method due to its convenience and availability at the box stores, however, a floor must have the ability to shrink and swell in order to prevent boards dislodging, a process that construction adhesive inhibits. Furthermore, Bona silane-based adhesive will not etch the surface of a prefinished floor if excess adhesive rises to the surface."

Using Bona R851 Wood Floor Adhesive in the home renovation as a glue assist provided the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for the changing environment the floor will naturally encounter over its lifespan. Bona's silane-based adhesives provide a carefully weighted combination of elasticity and strength and are specially developed and tested by Bona's research and development team. Additionally, Bona’s line of wood floor adhesives provide exceptional green grab strength and unsurpassed final shear strength compared to competitive products. The products are easy to apply, easy to clean and are water, solvent and lsocyanate free with zero VOCs. Bona adhesives products are GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality to ensure the health and safety of the contractor and the homeowner.

The new hardwood floor added the perfect foundation for the home renovation. The team transformed the single-story 825 square-foot home into a 1324 square-foot stunning new addition to the neighborhood.

"It’s always such a pleasure to be part of a full home renovation particularly when we have access to all the best products and tools," said Joe Kapalua, owner Kapalua Floors. "Bona made the job easy from the adhesive to the floor to the tools. We are proud to be part of this project."