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Cimarron Middle School Case Study

As Cimarron Middle School students, faculty and staff returned from summer break in 2019 they were met with a beautifully refinished school gym floor. The standard gym design was replaced with bright, eye-catching color and emblems of school spirit. Not only was the new floor representative of Cimarron Middle School’s culture, but the products and process during the floor recoat created a safer and more durable floor.

The Challenge
From the time Cimarron Middle School was built in 2008, the school had used oil-modified finish on the gym floor. When it came time to update and renovate the floor in 2019, the school looked for a healthier, yet still durable, alternative to oil-modified products. The goal defined by the staff at Cimarron Middle School was, “Create a beautiful gym floor design that sets our school apart from the rest,” said Chris Zimmerman, Cimarron Middle School Principal.

The Process
Cimarron Middle School called on Bona® along with the sport floor contractors from Denver-based SportTech, to assess the floor’s condition and recommend a solution. Tapping into Bona’s in-house creative agency, the team suggested a new floor design using a unique glazing technique paired with a full GREENGUARD system of waterborne, sustainable products to completely transform the floor.

The team at SportTech began by sanding the maple floor with a riding sander to quickly remove the old finish and prepare the floor for the new design. Next, Bona SuperSport DTS® sealer was applied to create the perfect base. The design was taped off and then Bona SuperSport Paint® was used to create the floor design and game lines. Each specific color was carefully painted to ensure even coverage and balanced color. Once color was applied, the floor was left to dry overnight to ensure proper paint adhesion. After the color application, the team spent just over a week to create the complex design and implement custom glazing techniques. Finally, two coats of premium two-component finish, Bona SuperSport, was applied to offer a tough, protective, high-build urethane finish. The floor was dried overnight and fully cured in seven days. Eric Vos, Owner of SportTech noted, “This was a great project to work on and achieve a unique, creative, challenging design that had a fantastic result.”

The Results
The team at Cimarron Middle School was thrilled with the new floor and unique look. Bill Wilson, Athletic Director for Cimarron Middle School said, “Our new gym floor is amazing! We have gotten many comments on how great it looks. Our volleyball team played their first two matches on the new floor and the families were very impressed!”

Cimarron Middle School realized the following benefits by using the Bona process to renovate their gym floor.

  • Beautiful: The new floor design refreshed the look of the gym—students and faculty are proud to call it home. Charlotte Morgan, a 7th grade student at Cimarron Middle School, said, “The gym floor was the first thing I noticed when I walked in on picture day. The vibrant colors and design grabbed my attention immediately. This design shows so much school spirit and creates a great atmosphere for students to do P.E.”
  • Durable: Bona SuperSport provides a high level of durability and prevents scratches, spills, and dirt from damaging the floor. The premium durability means less time caring for the floor with regular, routine maintenance.
  • Sustainable: The Bona Sport® system used on the floor is the only full GREENGUARD approved product line. Healthier indoor air quality means a safer environment for staff, students and faculty.