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Tips and Tricks - Keeping your R850T®, Applicator Gun Clean

1. Minimize the opening – don’t bother attempting to snip off the entire metal crimp or spend time cutting the foil around the crimp. Instead, a small, quick poke of the foil with a utility blade will do the trick. This ¼” split in the foil is enough that the pressure from the applicator plunger will force out adhesive neatly into the nozzle, rather than inside the barrel or onto the threaded collar.

2. Once the end has been poked, and you’re ready to put the nozzle and collar back on, be sure to remove any head space between the sausage and the end of the barrel. This will further reduce the risk of the adhesive seeping into the barrel while reloading.

3. Coat the threads of the locking collar and barrel with a little wax or other lubrication material. Not only will this make any adhesive residue easy to remove, it will also allow the collar to more easily screw on and off for faster sausage change outs.


Bona R851® Chosen for Boston Children's Museum

In August 2019 the senior exhibit designer at the Boston Children’s Museum, Joel Reider, connected with Frank Coppolino, Bona’s Commercial Specification Specialist, regarding a redesign at the museum’s PlaySpace exhibit. The redesign involved an art installation composed of 2 ¼”-wide engineered white oak flooring, with two ¼”-deep reliefs to depict a water stream complete with a frog and fish filled with colored beads and epoxy to create a stunning multi-colored design. “PlaySpace was created specifically to spark exploration and creativity in young children and their caregivers,” said Joel. “PlaySpace gives (the museum’s) youngest visitors a chance to explore, experiment, and pretend, in a safe place built just for them.”

To make the project a reality, Joel asked Bona for technical advice on how to prepare the subfloor for the wood panels and guidance on the best products for the job. The exhibit involved various, carefully hand-crafted design elements which needed a solid foundation for the installation. Additionally, because the exhibit was designed for children, Joel looked for products that were sustainable, safe for the environment, and offered sound absorption. Joel selected Bona R851®, a zero VOC, GREENGUARD Certified adhesive to safely secure the exhibit to the floor. The adhesive also offered a sound buffer with an IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of 71 dB and an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 65 dB. Once all the pieces were installed, the surface was finished with the safe and durable Bona Traffic HD®. The end-result was impressive and beautiful. There’s no question the kids a the Boston Children’s Museum are having a blast ‘splashing around’ in the new ‘water stream’.