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24-Hours to Play

Get your team on the floor faster with Bona® SuperSport HD! After rigorous testing by Bona’s Research and Development team, we are pleased to announce a 24-hours to play time using Bona SuperSport HD, the best wood sport floor finish on the market today. Once 24 hours has passed after the last coat of finish is applied, the floor is ready to for play! Ask your Bona Sport Manager for more details today!

Bona & Celtics Sweepstakes - #bannermoments

For the second year in a row, Bona paired up with the Boston Celtics for their #bannermoments fan social media promotion. Fans were encouraged to post a photo of their favorite Celtics memory on Instagram with hashtag #bannermoments, then tag and follow the Celtics and Bona Floor Care for their entry.

The Grand Prize was a 5' x 5' piece of the Celtics '08 championship season parquet floor installed in the winner's home, along with a Celtics Room Makeover. Watch the time-lapse of the room renovation. The Grand Prize was awarded to avid Celtics fan, 12 year old Jace Peixoto of Swansea, MA. Watch the emotional unveiling of the room!


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Tips & Tricks

A big advantage versus a straight stain application which can only happen on raw wood, the hybrid paint/finish process can be administered on a full sand and re-finish or even during a recoat, which makes this so much more valuable to any wood sport floor professional. Creating custom looks and colors with these two processes is a great way to set your Bona Sport system offering apart from the competition!

Bona® Glaze - Bona DTS® Sport Seal and Bona SuperSport Paint® Hybrid System

  • Provides a stained appearance without penetrating into the wood
  • Can be achieved on a sealed or fully cured (abraded) floor, prior to top coats of clear finish
  • Mix ratios can vary depending on the desired translucency

Best Practices:

  • Mix Ratios
    • 16oz (2 cups) paint per gallon of finish if using white paint
    •  8oz (1 cup) paint per gallon of finish for all other paint colors
  • Apply with a t-bar.  Keep application runs straight and follow immediately with a “dry” t-bar to remove excess mixture and prevent lap marks
  • Less is more when doing this process. Add multiple coats to achieve a darker color
  • Use a stencil mask to separate colors and create clean lines.  As one color over another color will create a different color, be careful not to overlap at all (no bleed line on stencil masks)
  • Dry time: 3-4 hours if coating with waterborne; 10-12 hours if coating with oil-modified poly. Abrade with Conditioning Pad and two Diamond 240 grit discs before adding regular painted gamelines
    • Create a safety perimeter with stencil masking material to pull the excess material onto at the end of each run. Do not attempt to turn and feather out like you would on a regular finish application

Bona SuperCourt® Finish Dispensing Bucket

The Bona SuperCourt Finish Dispensing Bucket is the most efficient way to tackle the process of recoating hardwood gym floors. The finish bucket dispenses an even and precise flow of floor finish from the spigot, proving a level coat without bubbles or streaks, accelerating and perfecting the finishing process. The operator controls the amount of finish dispenses by walking pace and adjusting the spigot throttle.