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Case Study - Vertical Installation with Jamie Beckwith Collection Showcases Strength and Ease of Bona’s R880 Adhesive

This past May employees at A1 Appliance in Belle Meade, TN were greeted by a gorgeous wall installation in the showroom. A pattern of white oak hardwood tiles set the perfect backdrop for the elegant shades and textures in this functional space. Designed and manufactured by the Jamie Beckwith Collection®, the installation demonstrates how wood can be used in unique and inspiring ways to provide new depth to interior design.

Nashville-based founder and design visionary behind the Jamie Beckwith Collection, Jamie Beckwith, has created many captivating wood surfaces. From flooring to wall installations Beckwith is a nationally-known trendsetter in the realm of luxury interior design. Beckwith began designing her own wood tiles after realizing the materials weren’t widely available. First, she explored the possibilities of using wood tiles for custom flooring and then quickly ventured into the world of vertical installations and has successfully incorporated these designs into her aesthetic. With any design—whether it is part of her primary collection, within a collaborative catalogue with other companies, or a custom project—this dedicated designer always looks for the highest quality products. For both style and functionality, she uses engineered wood tiles and strives to establish an organic look.  and values the versatility and natural beauty of her material.

“Wood is a beautiful medium for my work,” said Beckwith. “It grounds the space, offers versatility and is the backdrop for a natural, cozy room feel.” When discussing her floor and vertical installations, Beckwith added, “In my work, I want to reinterpret how to use wood. I like to explore different looks with one type of material and wood is truly timeless. It can be incorporated into even the most modern designs.”

For the Belle Meade installation, Beckwith looked to the best-of-the-best. She teamed with Jamie Beckwith Collection‘s exclusive Nashville representative, and Bona Certified Craftsman, Jeff Rose of Madison Hill Custom Floors. To ensure clean and perfect installation, Beckwith specified Bona R880 Adhesive, an elastic silane-based construction adhesive with high initial bonding strength and extremely quick setting ideal for vertical surfaces.

Rose, noted his appreciation of the adhesives great grabbing power. “It’s a very workable product that offers great elasticity,” he said. “The adhesive worked well with Jamie’s tiles. Because the wood pieces are smaller they have potential to slide or slip. Bona’s R880 was strong enough to hold them in place so they didn’t slide.”

The full installation took about a day thanks in part to the rapid set of the adhesive. Designed specifically for repair work at silane bonded hardwood floors or the installation of trim boards and vertical wood paneling, Bona R880 offers fast installation, is water and solvent free, low in VOC’s, adheres to almost all substrates and is easy to remove.

Beckwith and Rose both noted that for this type of installation, the choice of an adhesive can make or break a design. “As beautiful as wood is, it has to function, and adhesive has to perform,” said Beckwith. “These products are the difference between whether our installations will look great or not.”


The stunning results of this installation have given Beckwith confidence to now specify Bona adhesives in all her projects. She noted, “With a quality adhesive that’s safe and functional, I have one less thing to worry about with my projects.”

Tips and Tricks - The NEW Bona Power Drive Weight Kit

  • 2 x  15lb. weights that attach to the front of the chassis.
  • Improves sanding and wire-brushing
  • Increases finish and wood removal
  • Reduces sanding and edging time

Bona recommends the use of both weights on your coarse sanding cut, 1 weight on your medium cut and none on your fine sanding cut. 

One weight  can be used when wire-brushing for added soft grain removal/texture – 2 weights can damage the wire brushes.