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A Faster Solution for Refinishing Floors - Bona Prep Hybrid Recoating System

A faster solution for recoating hand-scraped and distressed flooring (where the surface is not flat); when the polyurethane finished surface is not contaminated (then use full Bona Recoat System). Eliminates the tendency of flat abrasion systems (Conditioning Pads, MultiDisc, screens) to remove the finish and stain color on these undulating types of flooring surfaces; substituting a Bona Recoat System Abrasive Brush on the buffer in place of the flat systems for the cleaning and abrasion phases.


  • Bona Prep (WM700051153 – 32oz spray bottle or WM700018158 – gallon refill)
  • Bona FlexiSand (AMO310010.2) 175rpm buffer
  • Bona Recoat System Abrasive Brush (AX0003454) standard clutch plate fits more standard floor buffers (need 2ea – one dedicated to Wet cleaning and one for Dry abrasion)
  • Bona PowerScrubber (AM0003215) – w/standard white brushes: for cleaning between the initial cleaning phase and after the abrasion phase. Flexible brushes can reach and clean the uneven surfaces much better than a flat microfiber mop.
  • Bona Deep Clean Solution (WM760018001) – for use in the PowerScrubber during cleaning operations • Prepare a sample test area using the Bona Prep Hybrid System to determine general compatibility prior to recoating.

NOTE: Do not use this process on any floor that has been waxed, polished, oiled or has been maintained with a commercial coating.


1. Vacuum or sweep floor thoroughly to remove loose dirt and grit.

2. Use Bona Prep as a spray buff solution with a standard speed (175 rpm) buffer and a Bona Recoat System Abrasive Brush (dedicated for wet cleaning). Spray Bona Prep over a large section of the floor (approximately 3’x12’) at the rate of 2,000 square feet per gallon and buff clean with the abrasive brush attached to the buffer.

3. Before spray buffing the next section, remove all residues immediately, using a Bona PowerScrubber, filled with properly diluted Bona Deep Clean Solution (1:4). NOTE: Overlap sections to ensure that no areas are missed.

4. When dry, abrade the entire floor using a separate, dry Bona Recoat System Abrasive Brush. This will ensure the abrasion of the edges and undulating surface features of hand-scraped and distressed flooring. Deeply beveled edges and any visibly unabraded areas should be cleaned and abraded by hand w/240grit Bona Diamond abrasives on a Contouring Sponge Block.

5. Clean the floor again to remove dust using a Bona PowerScrubber filled with Deep Clean Solution. 6. Allow the floor to dry completely. Then apply any Bona Traffic finish.

Case Study - The Bona System Saves Hardwood Floors in Hotel

At a 280 room hotel in Brooklyn, NY, prefinished ebony stained oak floors were installed prior to the completion of construction. Each room had a wood border with carpet in the middle. Because the flooring was done before the rest of the rooms, the end result was a disaster. The construction caused the flooring to accumulate a great deal of dust and scratches that cleaning alone could not remove.

Using the Bona PowerScrubber, Chris Makarius from Pacific Flooring in Long Island, NY demonstrated how they could re-vamp the previously damaged floors and the clients were thoroughly impressed with the results. After cleaning of the rooms was complete, Bona Ebony Stain was used to touch up any imperfections or scratches that were left over. Following that a coat of polish was used to finish off the floors. After seeing the fantastic results on the two rooms, the client requested to finish the remaining rooms the same way.

By offering this solution, the Makarius was able to offer a more timely and economical way to finish the floors in order for them to open on time. Without the Bona PowerScrubber and Bona Polish, they would not have been able to finish the job.

BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER


Tips & Tricks - Bona CourtLines Sport Floor Paint and Bona DriFast Stain

  • Stir the stain and the CourtLines Paint thoroughly and batch multiple containers prior to application.
  • Add no more than 8 ounces of colorant per gallon of stain or 2 ounces colorant per quart. **
  • Let the stain dry for a minimum of 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours. If the stain dries for more than 48 hours, then Bona recommends hand abrading the stain with a maroon Conditioning Pad prior to coating with a Bona urethane finish.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of a Bona waterborne or oil-modified urethane directly on top of the stain/paint once dry.  

**If you choose to add more than the recommended ratio of paint, you will default to the paint specifications which mean 24-hour dry time and you must abrade the stain/paint.

New Bona Pacific Filler

"Since the new formula hit the market the only filler my crew and I have been using the Bona Pacific wood floor filler. Its spreads so easily, goes forever, and dries quickly. It also sands very nice, doesn't clog paper. When it comes to troweling filler on a floor this product is second to none. We don't use anything else!" - Todd Reeves, Juztaposition Hardwood Floors

"We are impressed with the Bona wood filler because of it color matching with different species and it's stainability. It's flexibility after it has dried and spreadablity is far superior over other brands." - Mark Whatley, Amber Flooring