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United States

North America

Bona US

24 Inverness Place East, Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80112

Toll free in US and Canada: 800-872-5515

Distributor order fax: 800-572-0211


Customer Service: uscallcenter@bona.com

800-872-5515 (7 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST)


Technical and Training Questions

800-872-5515 (7 a.m. - 4 p.m. MST) For faster response to your questions, please fill out our online form here. >>


Bona Service Center

24 Inverness Place E.
Englewood, CO 80112
800-872-5515 (7 a.m. - 5 p.m. MST) 
For repair and maintenance of Bona Sanding Machines.


Human Resources - ushr@bona.com



Erica Kitze, Digital Marketing Manager



Media Relations

Heather Lindemann



Bona US - Production

Monroe Production, R&D and Training Facility
Monroe, NC


Pueblo Production Facility
Pueblo, Colorado


Corporate Headquarters - Sweden

Bona AB
Murmansgatan 130
P.O. Box 21074
SE-200 21 Malmö, Sweden
+46 40 38 55 00



Through this challenging time for our community and world, Bona is committed to bringing you the best in floor care. To assure the health and well-being of our Bona family, our office is temporarily closed. However, our dedicated staff is still working behind the scenes to provide you with support.

So that we may continue to provide you with personalized support, complete the Contact Us Form below with any questions surrounding:



  • Bona Cleaners, Mops, or Polishes;
  • Professional Hardwood Floor Finishes and System
  • If you are a Distributor or Retailer checking the status of an order
  • If you have questions for our Accounts Payable/Receivable Teams
  • And with any other inquiries

If we are not able to respond to your question via email, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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