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Bona Deep Clean System®

When regular maintenance isn't enough to cut through ground-in-dirt on your customers' hardwood floors, offer them the benefits of a professional cleaning system from the experts in hardwood floor care - the Bona Deep Clean System.


The right tools don’t just make a job easier—they can give professional floor contractors new opportunities to expand their services and attract new customers. The Bona Deep Clean System is an innovative deep cleaning system is the safest, quickest and easiest way to remove all the dirt, grime and build-up on hardwood floors

Better Together: Bona PowerScrubber and the Bona Deep Clean System

Let’s face it—a great majority of homeowners are not cleaning their floors often enough. In fact, even daily cleaning is not able to maintain a floor’s original look and color. While homeowners might be hesitant to get a floor refinish, many more may be open to a deep clean. The Bona Deep Clean System gives homeowners an easy solution for a perfect floor refresh that is simple, safe and smart.


  • No need to vacate home
  • Cleans 500 square feet in under an hour
  • Furniture can be replaced immediately


  • No harsh chemicals
  • Low VOCs and fumes
  • GREENGUARD certified


  • Affordable
  • Protects floor investment
  • Keeps floors looking their best


Why Bona PowerScrubber?

The Bona PowerScrubber is a versatile and powerful floor scrubber for cleaning most indoor floor surfaces as well as outdoor wood deckings. The Bona PowerScrubber provides comfort and versatility in a compact design while offering many benefits:

  • Ergonomic, compact design provides powerful scrubbing in congested areas
  • Two counter-rotating brushes for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Two squeegees for pick-up in forward or reverse
  • Large tank holds 2.5 gallons
  • Easy to fill, empty, clean and transport
  • Variable cleaning pressure adjustment up to 88 lbs. for effective cleaning
  • For use on a wide range of surfaces
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Using the Bona PowerScrubber with the Bona Deep Clean Solution and Deep Clean Polish is a great combination to keep floors clean and beautiful. The Bona PowerScrubber is also an integral part to the Revive, Restore, Refinish floor treatment system, that offers total solutions for all hardwood floor conditions.

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