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Home Renovation Safety

Learn how to prepare your business for a safe working environment when doing home renovations.


As governments are taking the early steps to ease restrictions due to the coronavirus, all businesses are looking to find out what they can and cannot do during these times. For flooring contractors and other construction professionals that are involved in home renovation, the proper planning and approach are needed to ensure worker safety and customer peace of mind. 

Understand COVID-19

While news and information about the coronavirus have been available since the early stages of the pandemic, learning about how the virus is and isn't spread will give contractors the basic information they need to develop their own strategies. Read our guide on COVID-19 for more information.

Check Government Guidelines

Local governing bodies are in charge of applying federal mandates to best serve their jurisdictions. Contractors should check with their local governments on specific rules and guidelines on how to safely conduct business in their area.

Set an example with Social Distancing

As an effective method of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and a way to show good leadership to employees and clients, practicing social distancing shows to others the care and concern you're showing for the people around you. Be sure to follow social distancing best practices: 

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 ft. from others
  • Wear masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Practice good hygiene and wash hands often
  • Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Use video conferencing with clients and other digital technology to reduce physical contact with clients

Develop a Coronavirus Strategy

Set up a coronavirus plan to guide all interactions with clients, employees and other people you encounter for business. Developing a detailed strategy is a great way to calm fears about possible exposure for employees and customers. Your coronavirus strategy should lay out the following guidelines: 

  • Responsibilities of managers and supervisors
  • Responsibilities of employees
  • Protective measures for job sites
  • Job site cleaning and disinfecting
  • COVID-19 exposure protocol
  • CDC/OSHA compliance 

Maintain Transparency with Workers and Clients

Typical oil finishes for wood floors lay on top of the wood, protecting it on the wood’s surface. Penetrating oils, however, are oil finishes that are absorbed into the wood and act as a wood hardener, providing protection from the inside out.

Create a Safe Work Environment

When it comes to doing home renovations during the coronavirus pandemic, it's important to reduce risks for customers and workers alike. Contractors need to do their best to analyze worksites for the best strategies to limit the risk of exposure.

  • Identify high-risk areas and other choke points that increase the risk of exposure in a customer’s home
  • Schedule workers in a way that ensures safe social distancing habits
  • Protect air quality in the home by closing air vents and replacing filters
  • Further, isolate work areas with plastic walls to limit dust from the work site to go to other rooms of the house
  • Use booties, masks and other necessary PPE
  • Ensure workers have enough cleaning and sanitizing products for routine cleaning
  • Keep a worksite log to track potential exposure risks

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