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Questions During Covid-19

Be prepared with common customer questions regarding hardwood floor renovation projects in the era of COVID-19.


When answering questions from potential clients, many professional contractors are used to the regular questions about background, expertise, specialties and more. However, as more and more local governments are easing restrictions due to the coronavirus, contractors should be prepared to answer new questions dealing with COVID-19.


Here is a list of questions that you should be prepared to answer before a renovation project during the coronavirus

  1. What are your workers doing to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus?
  2. What extra precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of your customers?
  3. How will the renovation site be prepared to maximize safety from COVID-19?
  4. How will you guarantee that all workers at my home are practicing safe social distancing?
  5. Are you seeing any delays in supplies and services that would affect the timeline of my home renovation?
  6. What is force majeure? What is your approach to liability and contractual obligations during the coronavirus?
  7. Can transactions and other meetings be done virtually?
  8. Do you have any “no contact” procedures in place for this project? Can this renovation be done with as little physical contact as possible?

As contractors and other building professionals consider these questions, it would be best for businesses to do what they can and develop their own coronavirus safety plans and procedures to anticipate customer questions. Contractors should stay updated on the latest COVID-19 information in their area and government mandates and regulations about workplace safety during the coronavirus pandemic. With thoughtful planning and transparency, contractors can gain customer trust and peace of mind during these difficult times. 

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