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Benefits of Bona Power Drive

Work smarter and get even better results on the job when you use the versatile Bona Power Drive and available accessories.


It’s great to have the right tool for the job, but what if you had a single tool that could fulfill multiple functions on every job? When it comes to the demanding work of flooring professionals, the Bona Power Drive offers flexible options to get the most out of your time and effort.

One Machine. Multiple Functions. Every Job.

For contractors that use the Bona Power Drive, many have been amazed at the different uses that it can be utilized for at different points on the job. As professionals work with the Power Drive and understand all its capabilities, it becomes a more vital machine, saving time, money, and effort. The Bona Power Drive is a great tool and can be used instead of (or as a powerful complimentary to) a traditional big machine, planetary machine, edger and buffer.

Designed with Comfort in Mind

Traditional belt or drum sanders can be extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver and use around the job site; often unable to get them into tight spaces, or leaving too many cross-grain scratches on complex jobs To meet the needs of professional flooring contractors, the Bona Power Drive enjoys a compact design with large wheels and can be easily moved by one person between rooms or up and down stairs; used in closets, reaching under pantry shelves, and to sand cross-laid hallways, for example. The Power Drive can also minimize fatigue by doing most of your edging work.

Get the Best Results with the Bona Power Drive

Designed with the unique demands of floor professionals, the Bona Power Drive helps get the job done better in less time (and with an extremely low learning curve for your new technicians).

  • Can be used to sand entire floor from the start
  • Works extremely close to walls, reducing edging by 50-80%
  • Achieves the flattest floor
  • Direction-free operation for easy handling, even in narrow spaces
  • Increased power with positive-drive rotary system for improved sanding
  • Compatible with Bona Dust Containment System vacs
  • Multiple accessories available to increase sanding efficiency and create custom textures


  • Wire Brush – removes the soft grain, leaving the more durable hard grain to provide a natural texture and unique look to the floor
  • Tynex Brush – compliment to the Wire Brush, the Tynex brushes work with a softer action, making them ideal for use after wire brushing to create smoother, rounder edges; and for softer species (i.e. pine).
  • Steel Plates – offer a true hard-plating option during the sanding process, specifically created for contractors who rely on the flattest possible sanding system. Helps to remove chatter and prevent dish-out on any surface.
  • Weight Kit – provide extra pressure, making light work of tough sanding jobs; improves wire brushing efficiency; and increases finish and wood stock removal when sanding.

Optimize your time on the job with the Bona Power Drive sander. It’s power, ease of use and dustless capabilities make it a must at any worksite. Improve your results with the Bona Power Drive and learn about our recommended sanding sequence.