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Bona R851 Adhesive and Bona High Durability Finish

Great products working together creates unbeatable protection

Bona R851 Adhesive

Bona R851 Adhesive®

  • Excellent initial "green grab" means the flooring stays in place
  • No "memory" - floor seams will not move apart
  • Rapid shear strength development - flooring is ready for furniture and foot traffic in one day
  • Easy to clean - will not harm the finish on pre-finished floors; will not stain hands
  • Easy to apply - no arm fatigue
  • Exceptional ridge stability provides maximum adhesive transfer
  • Can be used with radiant heat systems

Bona R851 Adhesive works well in:

  •  Residential
  •  Cultural
  •  Hospitality
  •  Sport
Bona Traffic

Bona Traffic®

  • Supreme finish for commercial areas
  • Excellent resistance to wear
  • Excellent application and levelling properties for a flawless result
  • Non-yellowing surface
  • Exceptional build with excellent flow and leveling
  • Fast drying – approximately 2-3 hours
  • Nonflammable with a non-offending odor
  • Available in Commercial Satin, Commercial Semi-Gloss, and Commercial Gloss

Bona Traffic® works well in:

  •  Residential
  •  Cultural
  •  Hospitality
  •  Sport

Learn how other Architects and Design Professionals use Bona Pro

Bona + Kapalua Floors

Kapalua Floors

1920’s bungalow in the Water Hill District of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bona’s very own Bona Certified Craftsman, Kapalua Floors from Troy, Michigan installed the pre-finished floors using Bona Adhesives. The Grandeur by Greyne wood throughout the home features German white oak in 5" plants with white cerusing underneath Bona DriFast Stain in a warm brown earth-tone protected by Bona’s High Durability Finish. From 10/4/16 – 11/22/16 eligible viewers could enter for a chance to win the home, valued at over $700,000.  Watch our BCC hard at work laying the foundation for this beautiful home.

Bona + Hardwood Floors Unlimited

Hardwood Floors Unlimited

50 West is the NYC Financial District’s most elegant new address. Designed by architect Helmut Jahn, the graceful ascent soars above its surroundings. Its warm, classic interiors are designed and finished by the award winning Thomas Juul-Hansen whom specified a custom Bona DriFast stain to complement the premium esthetic. Bona’s very own BCC, Hardwood Floors Unlimited, installed and sanded the white oak flooring and Hardwood Floors Unlimited utilized Bona R850T adhesive to assist with the wide plank flooring. Bona Traffic HD was specified as the top coat to provide durability and beauty.


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