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United States
  •  - Double-Sided-600x831

For exceptionally flat sanding on all wood floors with a buffer, Double-Sided Sanding Discs provide more aggressive and cleaner cutting than traditional screens or single-sided discs.

The unique design eliminates the need for an extra hardplate. Simply drive with a 16" Conditioning Pad on any 16" buffer for incredibly flat, clean floors. GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality

Available in: 16”, 16 to 120-grit



• Unique 16” disc is coated on both sides for maximum efficiency
• Bona Double-Sided Discs are rigid – will not tear, wrinkle or waffle like single-sided discs
• No “dish-out” of soft grain like a screen
• More durable and longer life than screens or single-sided discs
• Sands exceptionally flat, ideal for parquet, inlays, borders, and multi-species floors, as well as traditional strip and plank
• Ideal for scarifying concrete and abrading slab leveling materials to achieve a flat and
smooth surface
• Simply use the Bona Double-Sided Disc as you would a screen, driving it under a Bona Conditioning Pad – no hardplate needed


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