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United States
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Bona Black Abrasives are best as a “finishing” abrasive that provides the best color when staining and oiling. The high quality silicon-carbide abrasive grains continually break-down into fine cutting points, giving you the best surface quality for natural, stained and oiled floors.


• High quality silicon-carbide abrasive grains
• Consistent cut for best surface quality

Discs available in: 
5”, 60 to 150-grit - 8 Hole siafast Paper
6”, 24 to 120-grit - siafast
7", 16 to 120-grit - Velcro Back
7”, 16 to 120-grit - 7/8" Bolt On
7", 16 to 120-grit - 5/16" Bolt On

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