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The Bona Blue Anti-Static abrasives consist of an innovative combination of grit materials and anti-static properties, designed to give you aggressive performance without sacrificing smoothness, at a tremendous value.

Blue. Powerful. Smooth. You’ve never experienced an abrasive like this. GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.


Discs available in:
4", 60 to 120-grit - siafast
5”, 60 to 120-grit - 8 Hole siafast Paper
6”, 36 to 120-grit - siafast
7”, 36 to 120-grit - 5/16" Universal Hole siafast Velcro
7”, 36 to 120-grit - 7/8" Bolt On



• More aggressive, consistent cut
• Less dust on the floor
• Keeps machine cleaner
• Cloth backing
• Less clogging

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