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The Bona System®

Innovated, perfected and defined by Bona.

Waterborne Finishing Systems
Long-Lasting Abrasives
Dust-Free Sanding Solutions
Design-Driven Stains & Sealers
Silane-Based Adhesives

Why Bona Waterborne Finishes?

For high performance and low environmental impact, trust in Bona Waterborne Finishes. We create all our raw materials to formulate finishes that specifically focus on the needs of hardwood floors. Our finishes also provide an excellent range of sheen choices from High Gloss to Extra Matte to meet every design need. Our finishes provide a healthier environment with lower VOC products and are GREENGUARD Certified. Explore more options with Bona Waterborne Finishes:

  • Bona Traffic HD is the only finish worldwide that's GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for children and schools.
  • Ease of use and application. Excellent properties in flow, leveling and defoaming.
  • No need to abrade for adhesion unless more than 48hrs since last coat.
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Why Bona Abrasives?

For an abrasive that's dependable and versatile, try Bona Abrasives. Bona's innovative technology has created abrasives specifically made and tested for hardwood floors and work well with all brands of sanding machines. With Bona Abrasives, you're not just sanding a floor, you're creating the perfect surface to get the best results for stains, sealers and finishes. Discover the difference with Bona Abrasives:

  • Developed to work perfectly with hardwood-aggressive enough to do the job but still have a smooth finish. Consistent cut/scratch across entire life of product
  • Serve specific purposes to allow for the proper sanding sequence to finish floors. Each abrasive type has a specific mineral blend, function and cut.
  • GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality as part of the full Bona system.
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Why Bona Machines?

When it comes to floor sanding, dust containment is an important concern for consumers. To help put your clients' fears at ease, use Bona Sanding Machines. All our sanding machines are optimized for dust containment. From our sanders, edgers and buffers, dust contamination and debris will not be an issue. Learn more about Bona Sanding Machines:

  • Designed perfectly to be used with our abrasives. We develop machines and abrasives to optimize the benefits of each. Our machines and abrasives are meant to be used together for the best results.
  • Developed with the newest technology. Our machines provide innovations in sanding and dust containment that aren't seen in the competition.
  • GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality as part of the full Bona system.
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Why Bona Stains and Sealers?

Bona Stains and Sealers do more than just make floors look their best-our products provide premium level protection and ease of application as well. Bona sealers provide durability formulated specifically for the needs of hardwood floors with an excellent range of color options to bring out wood's natural beauty. For more color options, Bona DriFast Stains and Craft Oil can create striking floors that are unique and well protected. Learn more about Bona Stains and Sealers:

  • Bona Stains and Sealers are GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality as part of the full Bona system.
  • Bona Sealers are true sealers - made to both penetrate and seal the floor and add a layer on top for the ultimate in finish protection.
  • Bona DriFast Stains have a unique formulation utilizing OMU resins - the only stain to dry AND cure.
  • Bona Craft Oil provides a natural, organic look with a rich patina and is ready for light use in just 8 hours.
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Why Bona Adhesives?

Bona Adhesives are the perfect choice for installations on a variety of sub-floor materials. Formulated with a great balance of elasticity and strength, Bona Adhesives are GREENGUARD GOLD certified, allowing for a safe installation environment. Learn more about Bona Adhesives:

  • Mimics the natural movement of wood flooring. Other adhesives can be too rigid or too flexible.
  • Cleans off easily, won't mar surface or stain hands/tools.
  • Great for radiant heat.
  • Minimal waste due to self-sealing properties.
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Looking to learn more about the world of hardwood floors? To help inform and serve the public, the flooring experts at Bona have created many ways to stay current with the hardwood flooring industry. Bona offers courses to many types of professionals connected to hardwood floors: contractors, designers, building managers and more. Find helpful information backed by Bona's flooring expertise - the same expertise that has been trusted for almost 100 years.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Bona, Sustainability is more than just a buzz word or marketing gimmick - it's part of our mission and philosophy. As a company that takes social responsibility seriously, creating sustainable products and minimizing negative impacts to the planet guide our principles and innovation techniques. Creating safe, healthy spaces where people can grow and thrive is a vital business practice, and we will continue doing all we can to make the world a better place.

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The Bona System®

Innovated, perfected and defined by Bona.

System: noun  system  \ `sis-tem \
a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole

Bona is the foundation of hardwood floors across the globe. The Bona System works in synergy creating beautiful floors every time. we not only innovated the first full system for hardwood flooring professionals... we defined it.


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