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Bona Commercial System™- A transformation beyond ordinary

Whether you want to maintain your existing floors, or find a quick, simple solution to update them, the Bona Commercial System™ resilient floor solution can help you achieve your dream floor.


Introducing Bona®’s newest innovation for resilient floors! We now offer an efficient and effective solution that transforms and extends the life of your floors like no other product on the market!

From VCT, to LVT, to linoleum and rubber floors, restoring them to their former beauty or even better, transforming them to a whole new color and look, is now a possibility instead of the hassle of replacing old, worn floors.

Benefits of the Bona Commercial System™ Flooring Solution:

  • Faster than replacing the current floor
  • Most cost effective over the life of the floor
  • No need to ever strip the floor again
  • Less labor intensive
  • Safer for students, staff and building tenants

Our resilient floor solution offers a range of seven base colors, and 15 color chip options to offer infinite color combinations which create a unique, beautiful floor that can handle extreme daily wear and tear.

Bona Commercial System™ Flooring Solution

At an on-site demo, your team will receive training on the six-step transformation process that will provide long-lasting, highly durable resilient floors for years to come. Prep. Strip. Clean. Base Color. Coat. Maintain.

The transformation process is completed by using the Bona Commercial System™ recoating system which provides significant labor savings for facilities versus tearing out and replacing an entire floor. A color and finish system for VCT, LVT, linoleum and rubber floors, providing dramatic makeovers and color changes that can be done easily, with outstanding results.

Regular cleaning is the key to a long lasting, durable floor. The professional grade hard-surface floor cleaner is an effective, residue-free solution to thoroughly clean and preserve the finish. Our Bona Commercial System™ reusable dry and wet microfiber pads along with our durable aluminum mop with a 24” wide flared edge base, make it simple, quick, and cost-effective to maintain resilient floors.

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