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United States

Bona Commercial System™ Flooring Solution

Whether you want to maintain your existing floor, or find a quick, simple solution to update them, the Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Floor Solution can help you achieve your dream floor.

A Solution for Every Situation

The Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Transformation and Maintenance program provides solutions to keep floors looking beautiful for years to come. Whether you want to freshen up your floor, or completely transform the look, it is possible with our resilient line of finishes, base colors, and chips. This program offers long-term protection and extra durability for resilient floors.

✓ Easy and effective performance

✓ For all resilient floor renovation situations

✓ Simplicity and support


Transform Worn-out Floors

Bona’s resilient floor solution products can transform existing resilient floors like VCT, LVT, and Linoleum. The result is beautiful, unique floors that can handle heavy wear and tear.

Unique Method

Prepare the floor using our Bona® FlexiSand DCS® Buffer with our Bona® Diamond Discs to ensure proper adhesion of Base Color or Finish in a short period of time. The floor is now ready to be restored or have a completely new design.

50% Less Downtime

The Bona Commercial System™ Resilient Solution program can be completed in as little as three days, so businesses can get back to their daily routine faster than ever before.