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Abrasives & Machines

Achieve amazing results on your next flooring job with Bona's sanding machines.

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Revolutionize Your Sanding Process with the Bona Power Drive!

Integrating a Bona Power Drive into your sanding system will not only save time and money, it will truly revolutionize your process and your final results!


P.C. Wood floors

Watching the Powerdrive in action in my store amazed me, it educated me. It showed me the latest tools that could help my customers. After personally running the powerdrive, I was impressed with its work, one of the many benefits I found is its ability to eliminate 50 – 80% of the edging, back problems from edging is one of the biggest problem that most flooring guys face as they get older, this is a big step towards helping that, in fact after the live demo, the owners wife of a large flooring company in Connecticut called me “order up the powerdrive for Steve” hes getting older and has to start watching out for his back. She states, after seeing the online demos, Steve’s personal testimony after running the powerdrive at the demo led her to believe it’s worth the investment.

- Mike

Wizard of Wood Flooring

I had the opportunity to test out the new Bona GREEN abrasives and was very impressed with the efficiency and results. We used one 36, 50 and 80 grit belt on 475 feet of a Douglas fir floor. We then used the same belts on 550 feet of maple flooring and then on 950 feet of red oak flooring. Amazingly, there was still life on them. They easily last 3 times longer than the sanding belts we are currently using.

- Michael Galloway