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Singapore (EN)

The floor of this kindergarten in Germany was in good condition, but the staff felt it was dull and gloomy. Thanks to Bona’s Recoating solution, a fun, bright, orange was chosen to give the floor a lively update.

The kids, staff and parents love the new happy surface, which, thanks to its outstanding durability, will provide the perfect play surface for years to come.

Floor facts

  • Floor type: Linoleum
  • Age: Approx. 15 years
  • Area size: Approx. 100 m²

Working steps and products used

  • Bona Remove R ratio 1:5 (25 mins)
  • Bona FlexiSand + Diamond Grit 80 and Grit 120
  • Bona PowerScrubber to neutralise the surface
  • 2 applications Bona Pure Colour (RAL 1003)
  • 1 application Bona Pure

Before and after