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Singapore (EN)

The Machines

Now Bona introduces even more innovations into the FlexiSand Pro System, including the Bona FlexiSand 1.9 in addition to Bona FlexiSand 1.5. With a strong and reliable 1.9 kW motor, Bona FlexiSand 1.9 delivers high performance direction-free sanding for even the toughest surfaces such as concrete.

Bona FlexiSand Pro System is our innovative answer to a simpler and smoother working process – one flexible solution for all flooring challenges. Whether it’s precleaning, sanding, oiling or polishing, the all-purpose system offers a dynamic solution with exceptional quality and performance. One powerful solution is at hand in one versatile system.

Choose between two machine alternatives - Bona FlexiSand 1.5 or Bona FlexiSand 1.9 with additional 25 % extra motor power. Click on the machines to find out more.