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Pet Scratches On Wood Floors

Our pets are part of the family and move freely all over the house. Your pet's claws can make marks in your wood flooring. It’s important that you look after their claws and cut them when they are long.

Do you have scratches from pets on your wood floor?

On lacquered floors:

Vacuum the floor.

Clean with Wood Floor Cleaner, use a Microfiber Cleaning Pad or Spray Mop for Wood Floor and then apply Wood Floor Polish according to the instructions. Wood Floor Polish repairs smaller micro scratches. If you’re not sure how deep the scratches are, and whether you need to sand your floor, we recommend you contact a Bona Certified Contractor who will give you the advice you need.

On oiled floors:

Vacuum the floor. 

Spray the area with Cleaner for Oiled Floors, use Microfiber Cleaning Pad and allow to dry properly. 

Apply Oil Refresher according to instructions, use a Microfiber Cleaning Pad. 

If you still think the scratches are visible:

Sand the area with very fine sandpaper. 

Add oil, and make sure you choose the same oil you used previously. If you’re not sure and need more help, we recommend you contact a Bona Certified Contractor.


Take care of your pet's claws, and be sure to cut them.