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Helena renovated her floor – and got a whole new home

Found their dream home

Helena and her husband found their dream home in southern Sweden. They fell for the character of the house, as well as the possibilities of turning it into their own style. There was only one problem: the floor was in terrible shape. Helena contacted Bona to get some help and advice.

When Helena first moved into the house, the floor was yellowed and dark, giving a drab feeling. She realized something had to be done and contacted Bona. She got in touch with Hans, a Bona Certified Craftsman.

– Hans asked relevant questions right from the start, which guided us in our choices and decisions. That feeling followed me throughout the project; a sense of trust and being in good hands, says Helena.

When Hans came to the house for the first time, he immediately realized that the floor was in bad shape. There was no doubt it needed to be renovated.

– It was obvious that the floor had been renovated by someone who lacks the skills and know-how. The sanding of the floor had not been made properly. Old spruce flooring can, however, always be fixed, he says.

Contact a Bona Certified Craftsman

Fast and dust-free

Hans managed everything down to the last detail. He carefully evaluated every option, to help Helena and her husband to pick a treatment that suited their floor and style.

– Since you sand floors very rarely, it’s important to meet the customer’s needs and wishes. You have to live with your floor for a long time, says Hans.

Thanks to the dust-free sanding, the family could stay in the house while the work was ongoing.

–  I’m so pleased with the result. The combination of colouring, a lovely depth of the two-component oil and the matte surface goes just perfect with the house, says Helena.

Get help from a real wood floor expert

Do you like Helena’s floor? Contact a Bona Certified Craftsman and explore the endless possibilities of floor renovation. Find your craftsman here.