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Renovate your wood floor with Bona Brush Technology

Why replace - just renovate

A wood floor almost never needs to be replaced; you can just renovate it. This allows you to create a new look for your beloved floor, and at the same time spare the environment. With Bona’s unique Brush Technology, this is easier than ever.

Many people decide to replace their old wood floor. What they’re probably unaware of, is the possibility of floor renovation in general, and brushing in particular. Bona’s cutting edge brush technology enhances the natural character of wood and creates dramatic new looks on existing wood floors.

The brush gets down to the grain to create texture and interesting wood floor effects – from two-tone contrasts, to eye-catching, contemporary 2-colour effects. When combined with Bona’s range of oils and finishes, the possibilities are endless.

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How it works

Bona’s Brush Technology removes the soft wood, adding depth and texture to the wood’s surface. This makes the coloured oil settle in the grain, creating a 2-dimensional effect that enhances the natural pattern of the wood.

For the best result, we strongly recommend that you take help from a Bona Certified Craftsman. He or she will make sure your floor gets the optimal treatment, from start to finish. The renovation is totally dust-free, allowing you to stay in the house while the work is ongoing.

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Brushed Floor with Bona