Singapore (EN)

Decking & Furniture Oil

Available size:

2,5 L

Key benefits:

• Protecting against tough weather and cracking
• Dry solids 90%
• Easy to apply
• Dries quickly
• Ready in a day
• Extremely high coverage rate – 2,5l covers 50m2
• Waterborne oilemulsion
• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and free from cobalt

PDF icon Technical Data Sheet

Decking & Furniture Oil

Bona Decking & Furniture Oil is a high solid content oil for treatment of exterior wood surfaces exposed to tough weather. It enhances the natural wood grain while protecting against cracking and can be used on most types of wood, e g hardwood and exotic hardwood.

WARNING: This product contains drying oils. Risk of self-ignition. Used cloths and similar fibrous material should be placed in water or sealed metal containers.

Highly concentrated product. 2,5 liter is enough to cover 50m2  Waterborne product offering top performance with less dangerous solvents. Easier cleaning of tools.  Product containing UV-blockers reducing the effect from the sun’s depleting radiation.  Outdoor product blocking the wood pores and prevents moisture ingress.  Bona takes environment seriously. With an innovative and systematic approach we work to lower our impact on the environment and create sustainable solutions for the future.