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Our journey

Sustainability and product performance go hand in hand

Our journey

Over the years, Bona has been working continuously to launch better products with less environmental impact. This led to breakthrough innovations from waterborne finishes in the 1970s, to dust-free sanding in the 2000s.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer a full range of environmentally sound products for sanding, finishing, fastening and maintaining a wooden floor – throughout its lifetime.


1979 Pioneering in waterborne finishes
1994 Introducing waterborne adhesives
1997 Establishing Environmental Dept.
1997 Launching Bona Mega
2001 ISO 14001
2003 Ergonomic Bona Mini Edge
2005 Dust-free sanding
2009 Ceasing sales of solvent-based finishes in the EU
2009 Bona Novia receives EU Flower
2009 EMICODE EC1 certification for finishes
2010 Ceasing sales of solvent-based adhesives in the EU
2011 DIBt certification
2013 Implementation of CSR Strategy