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Bona Resilient Care Program

Being a game changer in resilient floor maintenance, Bona Resilient Care Program enables any floor owner an entire new possibility of updating their existing resilient floors.

A Care Program for Every Situation

The Bona Resilient Care Program is an innovative, highly effective program for care and maintenance of resilient flooring. Our high quality, sustainable program allows you, to not only maintain floor freshness but also to totally transform the look of your existing floor without replacing it. Even in heavy traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

✔ Easy and effective performance

✔ For all resilient floor care situations

✔ Simplicity and support

Before & After

Transforming Worn Floors

We call it Recoating, you could call it a brand new floor. With Bona Resilient Care Program you are able to transform existing resilient floors like a linoleum or PVC floor. The result is simply outstanding!

Highlight: Recoating

Unique Method

Preparation using Bona FlexiSand with our high performance Bona Diamond Abrasives, enables you to achieve the optimal prepared surface in no time. It´s now ready for restoration or even a complete redesign. This is where you use the specially developed lacquers like Bona Pure or Bona Pure Colour.

50 % less downtime

50 % Less Downtime

A total renovation of f ex 300 sqm could take 6 days if you exchange the entire resilient floor. With Bona Resilient Care Program you could do it just 3 days. And then you even could choose between keeping the existing look of the floor or change to an entire new colour.