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Asia Pacific (EN)

How it works

Create a feeling of balance and give your floor a clean, neutral look with Bona Craft Oil Neutral. Follow the steps below to create your desired effect.


1. For 2-dimensional effects:

Make sure that the floor is properly sanded and cleaned before starting the treatment process. Apply Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone using an application sleeve. The Bona Rich or Nordic Tone will react with the wood and create a foundation for the 2-dimensional effect. If an even deeper colouration is desired, add Bona Mix Colour to Bona Rich Tone before application. Finish this step with light abrasion using Bona Scrad pad. If a 2-dimensional effect is not required, skip Step 1 and move on to Step 2.

2. Apply Bona Craft Oil of your desired colour. For maximum penetration and minimum oil waste, apply using Bona wool pad. Allow to dry for 12 hours. No final buffing needed.
3. If heavier wear is expected, finish with a coat of Bona Hard Wax Oil. Note: This step is necessary for users of Bona Rich Tone.
Click on any of the effects shown below to learn about how to create your desired one, presented as a instruction animated movie or in a pdf-guide.