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Smooth, scratch free surface

Thanks to the hardness of diamonds, abrasion using Bona Diamond Abrasives removes all visible scratches, such as sanding swirls and shutter marks. Fine sanding not only offers a smoother finish, but also ensures more even colouration and less grain raising. The result is a superior finish that enhances the colour and original beauty of the wood.

No sanding swirls

The diamond sanding agents are hard but not sharp, After fine sanding, the result is a smooth surface, with no visible scratches. This unique composition also effectively removes all previous sanding swirls on the surface, providing an exceptionally smooth and even surface.

No sanding swirls Diamond Abrasives

Durability means consistent results for the entire surface

The short lifespan of screen and multihole discs can result in uneven colouration as the disc becomes worn. Lasting 15 times longer than the competition, the outstanding durability of Bona Diamond Abrasives delivers even, consistent results without discolouration, bringing out the intense colour and contrast of the wood’s grain.

Durability means better results Diamond Abrasives