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Each brand was allocated a 75 m2 oak block-parquet floor area that was previously coated with a 2-component finish. Speed results were measured after both the initial coarse sanding, then after the sequence of coarse & medium sanding.

Comparison of abrading speed

  • Coarse sanding was regarded as complete when the old finish and line marking have been properly removed
  • When scratches from coarse sanding had been removed, medium sanding was regarded as complete
  • Time and number of belt used were then measured and displayed as the test result

 Index speed chart

When Bona sanding sequence

  • Bona 8300 (grit 36) + Bona 8300 (grit 60)

have sanded the entire test area, the closest competitor did only mangaged around 80 % of a corresponding area - see chart below:

Sanding speed number chart