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Removal efficency

The abrasives were put to the test in the removal of the old 2-component finish and line marking, which was the original coating on the sports floor.

Removal efficiency

The finish removal rate was judged after the sanding process. It consisted of

  • coarse sanding with lower grit papers
  • followed by coarse and medium sanding using finer grit papers.

For coarse & medium sanding

  • Bona 8700 (grit 50) +Bona 8300 (grit 80)

showed equal removal efficiency as

  • Bona 8300 (grit 36) + Bona 8300 (grit 60)

Closest competitor C (grit 36) and (grit 60) had good initial efficiency but soon lost removal performance.

Below chart shows how all tested abrasives performed:

Finsh removal number chart