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Drama on the floor? No drama below

Great groundwork

Good flooring professionals know that the choice of adhesive system is critical for a floor that will last. You can count on Bona adhesive to do just that. Bona Silane adhesives are so easy and reliable that you will never have to worry about an installation again. They ensure excellent adhesion to the substrate and prevent moisture transfer.

  • Easy and effective performance
  • Easy to use, long-term results
  • Can protect up to 95% moisture content
  • Solvent free (no fumes)- Zero VOC’s
  • Silane Technology-Isocyanate free
  • Classified as non-hazardous material
  • Easy clean up, will not stain floors or hands
  • Fast and Simple application
  • Use with concrete or timber sub floors
  • Start sanding in 24 hours or less

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Product highlight: Bona R848T

Bona R848T can be used with a moisture barrier, or as a single application combined moisture barrier/adhesive using the Bona Trowel Plus system. Bona silane adhesive are easy to use, clean to work with have rapid initial bond strength. To shorten the setting time even further it is possible to spray lightly with water across the applied adhesive and then re-trowel before laying.

  • Use: Engineered wood floors, small soild strip
  • Applications: Commercial, residential
  • Characteristics:Environmentally friendly, easy installation, durable, fast green-grab strength
  • Colors: Grey
  • Certification: Green label Singapore, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality, EMICODE,

Features and Key benefits

  • One component silane-based adhesive
  • Water and solvent free
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast initial bonding strength allows load after 24 hrs
  • Higher viscosity, improved rib stability

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