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Bona DCS 70

The Bona DCS 70 is a powerful tool for completely dustfree sanding. Its two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter design effectively contains dust within the machine. It is highly portable and can be easily connected to your sanding machine, helping you keep your working environment clean and reducing your working time.

Technical Data

Weight: 43 kg
Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 1200mm
Dust Holding Capacity: 70 Litres
Motor Power: 1400W, 230V, 5A
Airflow with 7.5 M Hose: 235 cubic metres per hour
Coarse Filter: Conical folded polyester filter, 1,2 sq M
Fine Filter: Class H13 (99.996%, 0.3μM), 1,5 sq M
Hose Aperture: 35mm diameter
Hose Length: 7.5M including connection adapters

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Bona DCS 70

• 2-step cyclonic separation and unique filter

• Healthier working conditions – in compliance with
new regulations

• Totally sealed system – unique seamless bag system,
no dust can escape when changing dust bag

• Greater customer satisfaction because of sanding
without dust and reduced odour

• Exclusive design from Bona – unique separation process

• Ergonomic – designed for easy use and transport

• Superb end-result after applying finish because no
dust is left on the surface of the bare wood

• Made for professional use – robust, high quality
machine for flooring contractors

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