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Bona Belt

The compact design makes the Bona Belt simple to manoeuvre and the specially designed transport cart makes the machine easy to transport in between jobs.
Powerful and effective, with two optional drum widths, 200 and 250 mm, makes it a versatile belt machine for many purposes. The machine can be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily. The easy-start function ensures reliable start-up under all conditions. The Bona Belt has a very efficient vacuum that minimises dust. For optimal dust reduction, the Bona Belt is compatible with Bona DCS 70 (Bona Dust Containment System).



Technical Data
AC Motor: 230V @ 50Hz
Rated Power: 1-phase 2.2 KW
Drum Width: 200 mm alt. 250 mm
Total Weight: 74kg


Bona Belt
• Heavy weight for powerful sanding
• Dual speed for optimum sanding result
• Infinite pressure adjustment: up to 50% of its weight
can be adjusted to the sanding drum
• Easy fitting and changing of paper, no tools needed
• Can fit distressing drums to texture wood floors on site
• Dust containment ready

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