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Bona 8700 Ceramic Abrasives

Basis of very high abrasive and extreme aggressiveness of the new Aggressive Bona abrasive grain is the innovative design of ceramic aluminum oxide. This material goes up in terms of its hardness, almost in diamonds and is particularly robust and durable. This achieves an optimum grinding action at a significantly higher heren service life of the belts. This ensures an economical work process - even under difficult conditions.



Available sizes


200 x 750mm

250 x 750mm


203mm x 10m
254mm x 10m
305mm x 10m


125 mm

150 mm

178 mm

Available Grit

36   50 

Bona 8700 Ceramic Abrasives

• Efficient removal of hard coatings
• Fast leveling of uneven wood floors
• Open coat for cooler running without burn marks
• Coarse sanding on hard wood
• Long life length with maintained performance 

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