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Bona 8300 Antistatic Abrasives

All our abrasives are exclusively developed for use on wooden floors. Bona 8300 Antistatic is our range of high-quality abrasives to sand all kinds of wooden floors - every step, from the first basic sanding to the final sanding is included. This range of abrasives has an antistatic coat with excellent surface quality, which is heat resistant and impedes clogging. Bona 8300 Antistatic has a unique mixture of zircon and silicon carbide – one of the world’s hardest materials.


You get the bite but also a smooth surface in the same abrasive and it lasts up to five times longer than traditional abrasives. You work safer and more securely with Bona 8300 Antistatic. Bona 8300 Antistatic are important components of the Bona Dust Care System – our world-leading solution for true dust-free sanding of wooden floors.


Available sizes


200 x 550mm, 200 x 750mm, 250 x 750mm


150mm, 178mm

Discs with hole

Ø of 150mm


203mm x 25m, 254mm x 25m, 305mm x 25m

Bona 8300 Antistatic Abrasives

• Electrostatic dischargement of dust
• Efficient dust-extraction
• Cleaner floor surfaces
• Cleaner machinery
• Lifetime-improvement of the belts
• Improvement of the surface-quality

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