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Waterborne Finishes

The pioneer in the development of waterborne finishes in the 1970s, Bona is now a world leading company offering a full range of environmentally sound products.


Bona's industry-leading waterborne finishes have always been VOC-compliant and healthier for people and the environment than most other finishes. Providing the highest quality, cleanest finishing process available, Bona protects your health and the environment, while assuring the ultimate in durability and beauty for wooden floors.



No harmful fumes means you don't have to put your health at risk finishing floors, and your customers don't have to move out of their home or vacate their business. 


Bona finishes provide a profitable strategy for your business because of their speed, and increased health and performance value for your customers.


Bona's advanced-technology, Swedish waterborne finishes are the most durable polyurethane finishes available today.


Clear, high-build finishes won't amber or change color over time, highlighting the true beauty and elegance of wood.

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