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Bona R870 is a 1-component silane based adhesive for parquet floors according to EN 14293 (hard)/ISO 17178 (hard), for the shear resistant bonding of wooden floors. The hardenedadhesive is able to withhold thrust during expansion- due to its hardness it willstabilizethe floor, especially solid wooden floors. The use of a primer is in general notnecessary. The adhesive hardens by a chemical reaction with moisture.
Hard adhesive rib
Shear resistant bonding
No addition of plasticizers or liquid extenders
Water and solvent free (according to TRGS 610)
Good adhesion to almost all substrates and timber materials,
Spilt material can be easy removed
Firm texture – retains trowel pattern
Rapid initial bonding strength
Very low emissions (EMICODE EC1-R Plus)
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