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Bona R870T

Bona R870T is a strong and stabilizing 1-component silane-based adhesive for all types of parquet floors. The product consists of pure binder and is able to withstand extreme thrust during wood expansion/shrinkage making it particularly suitable for gluing down large sized solid parquet floors and “tapis parquet”. Bona R870T can be used without primer provided subfloor conditions are good. Designed to be used with the Bona Optispread for quick and ergonomic application.

Available size

2810 ml

Bona R870T
• Extreme strength for all types of parquet
• Contains no plasticizers or liquid extenders
• Causes no wood swelling
• Rapid initial bonding strength
• Firm texture – retains trowel pattern
• Adhesive spills are easily removed
• Classified “Hard” according to EN 14293
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