Asia Pacific (EN)

The contracor:

“Thanks to Bona Lifetime Support, I have all the products Ineed to get a perfect result everytime. And since Bona’s products form part of a system, they are perfectly compatible withone another. If problems occur, I know exactly who to call.”

The distributor:
“Customer satisfaction is my businesses’  most valuable asset. So whenchoosing which brands to stock, I always go for floors which come with a reliable after-sales package and which guarantee the availability of local expertise. Bona Lifetime Support gives me all the reassurance I need.”

The floor producer:
“As a Bona customer, I get access to consistently high quality primary and after-market products, but that’s not all. I can also take advantage of the services and expertise that lie behind them… anywhere in the world. The Lifetime Support stamp acts as a guarantee for my product.”



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