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As a professional craftsman you need more than great products to be certain of a perfect end result.

When you choose Bona, you can rest assured you have everything you need for a successful business. Bona gives you the right product system accompanied with great support and trainings and also a good working environment and environmentally sound products. Bona offers you the best solution on the market to create beautiful, durable and easy-to-maintain wooden floors with your business in mind. 
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Bona System

The Bona System – a unique and complete product system

We offer a unique product portfolio, the Bona System, that covers everything you need to bring out the best in wooden floors: sanding machines, dust containment systems, abrasives, adhesives, finishes, oils, stains and floor care products. Our system is easy to use, safe and efficient, with optimal lifetime and environmental performance.

One of the most important benefits with our system is that the products work perfectly with each other, with the floor and you as a craftsman. Bona can deliver this to you.

Benefits with the Bona System:

• Complete product system
• Compatible products
• Easy, safe, efficient
• Environmentally sound

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Bona Lifetime Support

Bona Lifetime Support – full support all the way

Bona’s worldwide technical support and trainings for our craftsmen is our way of sharing experience and expertise. Regardless of the size and type of your business, we give you relevant training, full service and technical support all the way throughout your wooden floor project. We are committed to lasting results and to building strong and long-term relationships.

By becoming part of Bona Certified Craftsman programme you will gain valuable knowledge and marketing support. Working together makes us both stronger.

Benefits with Bona Lifetime Support:

• Worldwide technical support
• Relevant training
• Full service

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Bona Sustainability

Bona Sustainability – Environmentally sound products and working environment

Bona has a lifetime commitment to wooden floors, with sustainability as a guiding star. Working and living with Bona products should be good for both health and the environment. That’s why we offer a full range of environmentally sound products – from dust-free, ergonomic sanding machines to waterborne finishes and silane-based adhesives. 

Our innovative approach has resulted in solutions such as waterborne finishes that are low in VOC and sanding machines that remove up to 99.8% of the dust.

Benefits with Bona Sustainability

• Waterborne, low VOC finishes
• Dust-free, ergonomic sanding
• Silande-based adhesives

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