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Our craftsman is our partner


Bona is a part of the flooring industry for more than 100 years. In this, cooperation with the professional craftsman has been absolutely vital for our constant development towards improved product performance, working and indoor environment. For us, cooperation means mutual exchange of experience between the craftsmen and our company.



Dust Free Sanding
Explore dust free sanding with the Bona Dust Containing System (DCS), improving life for both the craftsman and for the floor owner. Read more...

In the past, sanding of wooden floors always caused for protecting sensitive objects from all the dust produced. Now, using Bona Dust Free Sanding technique, craftsmen and floor owners could benefit from a sanding process where all dust will be contained in the Bona DCS.

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We have great concern for the ones working with our solutions, living and enjoying them, and the environment affected by our actions and products, today and tomorrow. Read more...

We strive to continuously launch better products with less environmental impact. This has led to breakthrough innovations from waterborne finishes in the 1970s to dust-free sanding in the 2000s. Today, we are proud to be able to offer a full range of environmentally sound products for sanding, finishing, fastening and maintaining a wooden floor – throughout its lifetime.

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Bona Training Programs
Bona consider the encounter in trainings as extremely important. For that reason, we offer two possibilities of trainings; Bona Certified Craftsman Program and Bona Trained Craftsman. Read more...


Bona Certified Craftsman
Be a part of a successful team by becoming a Bona Certified Craftsman. As a Bona Certified Craftsman you will benefit from the full Bona advantage through leveraging on our strong brand profile and wooden floor expertise. By joining the Bona Certified Craftsman Program you will gain valuable knowledge and marketing support as well as the opportunity to build long-term customer relationships.


    Becoming a Bona Certified Craftsman assures your customers the highest performance and service - giving you better profitability and help to focus on your job – delivering great results.
    The training is both practical and theoretich and consists of two full days, covering all aspects of how to install, renovate and maintain a wooden floor. Furthermore, Bona will support you with additional tools to grow your business, allowing you to meet you customers with an increased frequency.
    Having passed the final test at the end of the training, you will benefit from several opportunities:

  • Putting the Bona Certified Craftsman logo on your work wear, cars, quotation binders e t c
  • Marketing support material as advertising templates, stickers e t c
  • Recommendation of you as our Bona Certified Contractor on Bona Consumer and Professional website
  • Software for digital registration of Bona Registered Floor
  • Examples of  how to extend your business offer

Trainings within the Bona Certified Craftsman Program are held in different locations in Europe and the Middle East, f ex Bona Limburg, Bona Vienna, Bona Malmö and Bona Shanghai.

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Bona Trained Craftsman
In order to secure a general understanding of our Bona products, we offer the contractor a basic training called the Trained Craftsman. During one day, consisting of both theoretical and practical parts, we give you an overview of the Bona System – our complete range of products, designed for perfect matching. When finalized the Trained Craftsman training you will receive a diploma. 
Trainings concerning the Bona Trained Craftsman are held in every country in Europe and the Middle East where Bona is present with subsidiaries or a country distributor.

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