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Commercial Floor Owners
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As commercial floor oowner you should ask only for the very best in terms of durability, indoor air quality and visual impact. Bona will secure this and your wooden floor throughout its entire lifetime.

Get support from a Bona Certified Craftsman

Bona has a worldwide network of certified craftsmen to support your commercial wooden floors from every aspect; installation, renovation and maintenance. Read more...

BCC - Bona Certified Craftsman

New installation, maintenance or renovation – regardless of your need, Bona can recommend a skilled Bona Certified Craftsman who will service your floor with the highest degree of professionalism. >Go to Bona Certified Craftsman

Dust Free Sanding

Explore dust free sanding with the Bona Dust Containing System (DCS), improving life for both the craftsman and the floor owner. Read more...

Bona DCS70

In the past, sanding wooden floors required protecting sensitive objects from all the dust produced and foreclosure of the room to be renovated. The dusty environment created is neither a healthy or pleasant environment to work in. Now, using Bona's Dust Free Sanding System, craftsmen and floor owners can benefit from a sanding process where all dust is contained in the Bona DCS70.

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Sportive - a coating system approved by FIBA

Bona Sportive System, a complete solution for the treatment, maintenance and renovation of wooden sport floors. Read more...

We see wooden sport floors as a vital part of sports performance. Many sports activities place extreme stress on the surface, leading to a shorter lifetime and costly renovations, unless given proper care. Bona Sportive System is the easiest way to maximize performance and ensure a longer lifetime. So no matter how hard you play, the floor is up for it! The reliability of the Bona Sportive System allows us to exclusively put the FIBA logo (International Basketball Federation) on our products and marketing communication.

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Deep Clean System – periodic revival of your wooden floors

Maintaining and protecting the investment of your beautiful wooden floor surface is as important as choosing the right floor and craftsman. Read more...

Bona therefore offers a unique maintenance solution, specially developed for effective yet gentle deep cleaning of wooden floors - Bona Deep Clean System. Bona Deep Clean Solution in combination with Bona PowerScrubber is a perfect match, specially designed for reviving wooden floors in between renovations.

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Inspiration House

In Bona Inspiration House you will get inspired by all the possibilities we offer for your wooden floors. Read more...

Bona helps you to be creative and provide you with ideas of how to change your floor. You can choose from our wide portfolio of surface treatments such as oils, finishes and stains. We’ll guide you through the different steps and the result is an individual product specification sheet.

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Reference floors
Enjoy a selection of our worldwide references, performed with Bona products. Get inspired by a mix of fantastic floors in private homes and public areas as universities, museums and sport halls. Read more...

We have gathered a number of our world wide wooden floor references in a brochure for your benefit. Welcome to enjoy years of fabolous installations and renovations, all achieved with Bona products. In the brochure each floor presented with the products used in the specific case.

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