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Wood floors to be inspired by
Tailor the dream of your customer by picking up wooden floor ideas from the great world of Bona solutions.
Waterborne Coatings

Being the pioneer in the development of waterborne finishes in the 1970s, Bona is now a world leading company with a full range of finishes, focusing on improved indoor and working environment. Read more...

Bona's industry-leading waterborne finishes have always been VOC-compliant and healthier for people and the environment than most other finishes. Providing the highest quality, cleanest finishing process available, Bona protects your health and the environment, while assuring the ultimate in durability and beauty for wooden floors. >Go to Coatings

Dust Free Sanding

Explore dust free sanding with the Bona Dust Containing System (DCS), improving life for both the craftsman and for the floor owner. Read more...

In the past, sanding wooden floors required protecting sensitive objects from all the dust produced and foreclosure of the room to be renovated. The dusty environment created is neither a healthy or pleasant environment to work in. Now, using Bona's Dust Free Sanding System, craftsmen and floor owners can benefit from a sanding process where all dust is contained in the Bona DCS70.

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Bona Create is an easy to use stain that allows full creativity and possibility to create your own unique look on the floor and combine this with durable and maintainable varnish. Read more...

Do you want to have your wooden floor made in colour, still having a durable surface protection? Bona Create is the solution, a oil stain that can be overcoated with Bona finishes.

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Reference floors

Come and experience a great variety of Bona reference floors from all over the world. Read more...

View a selection of Bona references by clicking on the link below. Find out which Bona products have been used in the different areas ofr simply get inspired for future project from all the beautiful wooden floor surfaces. These are great examples of our passion for wood floors, weather it is private homes or commercial areas like shopping malls, churches or sports halls.>Go to Reference brochure

Inspiration house

Get a visual impression of the room when combining different wood floor material with various coatings. Read more...

Bona helps you to be creative and provide you with ideas of how to change your floor. You can choose from our wide portfolio of surface treatments such as oils, finishes and stains. We’ll guide you through the different steps and the result is an individual product specification sheet.

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