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Bona System
A compatible range of products to fit, finish and maintain wood floors
We have been supplying the flooring industry for nearly 100 years! We know how professional flooring contractors work and what type of products they need.  
We also work closely with architects and designers to help them select a finish that meets the surface performance and aesthetic characteristics their clients need.
We supply compatible products that protect and keep a floor looking good throughout its lifetime. This is the Bona System. 
Varnish, oil, hardwax oil, specialized sports coatings, paint a.s.o. Bona covers a wide range of surface treatments to meet today's demands on performance and sustainability and to satisfy personal preferences. Whether you seek traditional treatments or want to test your creativity, we have the solution.

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Here you will find all products and tools needed before and when installing wooden floors. Bona offers an extensive range of adhesives to accomodate different ways of working and to provide a solution no matter the condition of the subfloor. Read more...

Installation means correct preparation of the subfloor for that very best result. Fastening in Bona System includes levelling compounds, moisture barriers and adhesives, all designed to match together. >Go to Fastening

Learn more about Bona's range of effective and time-saving sanding products, how to sand dust-free and how to sand to bare wood using rotary sanding technique. Read more...

Bona's machines and abrasives are all specially designed for wooden floors. The excellent performance of our finishes rely on a sanding result meeting these high expectations. Bona Abrasives in combination with our sanding machines such as the Bona FlexiSand 1.5 and the Bona Belt allows you to work effectively and create stunning results.

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Floor Care
In between renovation, maintenance is an important part of the wooden floor life cycle. Bona's range of maintenance products are developed to interact with our surface treatments and formulated to be effective yet safe for wood.

The passion for wood floors means caring of the wooden surface in all situations. Bona offers a variety of maintenance solutions, taking it one step beyond with the Bona Deep Clean System.

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Industrial Coatings
Bona develops a full range of high quality UV-cured finishes, designed to give the best adhesion to the wood and the highest levels of wear and scratch resistance.

In line with the Bona System, we have specially adapted sanding solutions when it comes to renovating these ceramic reinforced surfaces, offering Diamond Abrasive delivering safe and smooth result.

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Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

Bona Oil 90 on oak freezes
Private home, Italy

Private home, Italy

Bona Naturale Base on oak
Private home

Private home

Bona Naturale 1-comp on French Oak
Country house

Country house

Bona Novia on soft wood
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