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United Kingdom/Ireland

A Game Changer in Floor Care

Our simple, straightforward program steps deliver simple, yet effective floor care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance for longer. Developed by professionals for professionals, all major aspects have been considered - sustainability, design and economy.

A World of Possibilities

With the Bona Resilient Care Program’s resilient solutions, there are no limits. Whatever the floor type, restoring it to its former beauty couldn’t be easier or more effective when following our unique treatment program. From changing the colour or design of an existing floor, to full renovation including hard-to-reach areas, you can rely on Bona for an outstanding result.

A world of possibilities

Restore and add colour

Whether it’s the replacement of worn markings on a sports floor, or a timely interior design update, the Bona Care Program includes a range of popular colours as standard or choose from the complete range of RAL colours. Moreover, you can also create amazing design effects using Bona Creative Chips. And adding logos and other graphics is easy to do as part of the renovation process.

For challenging situations

Thanks to the outstanding flexibility of the Bona Resilient Care Program, uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, corners and round studded floors are no longer a challenge.