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United Kingdom/Ireland

Bishop Walsh Catholic School, Sutton Coldfield

Sports floor renovation in just 5 days! Biddle Sports, a flooring specialist trained in the use of Bona’s floor care program for all types of resilient floors, has renovated a sports floor at Bishops Walsh Catholic School in Sutton Coldfield.

The project, a full renovation of a vinyl sports floor, was completed in just five days.

The Taraflex vinyl sports floor had become very worn and needed to be replaced or renovated. Due to the very high cost of replacement, the decision was made to employ Biddle Sports to renovate the surface using Bona’s Floor Care Program.  Working in partnership with the Bona technical team the total refurbishment of the floor was completed at half the cost of replacement with a new floor.

The floor had been repaired many times over the years, and the Biddle team started off by making more than 20 repairs to the surface. Then they used the Bona Power Remove solution which was applied in 40 metre sections, allowing it to ‘work’ on the surface and release the build up of dirt and maintenance product layers for approximately 15 minutes. 

While still wet each section of floor was then sanded using the Bona Flexisand 1.9 buffing/sanding machine, fitted with Bona diamond disc abrasives (80 grit) to key the surface.

After sanding each section, a Bona Power Scrubber (scrubber dryer) was used to remove the sanded slurry from the floor.  The surface was then neutralised using clean water and was now ready for the first coat of Bona Pure Colour. RAL 5007, a brilliant blue, was chosen for the main part of the floor, while RAL 3028 red was used around the perimeter.  Two coats of each colour were applied, allowing approximately two hours between coats to dry.

The Biddle team then applied sports markings to complete the project and applied a final transparent coat of Bona Pure to seal the surface.  

The Bona Floor Care Program for resilient surfaces is an innovative, highly effective program for care and maintenance of resilient flooring. As well as products for keeping the floor clean, there are coatings to refurbish the surface when it has become tired and worn which will totally transform it (by a dramatic change of colour or the addition of logos/graphics etc) and save the costs and downtime incurred by replacing it with a new floor. Even in heavy traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

Download pdf-version for more information and pictures